My Zoella Collection

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would do a post on my Zoella collection to show you some of the things that I have (but not everything as we would be here for a very long time!) 🙂

So for any of you that do not already know, Zoella is a YouTuber, blogger and author. Her real name is Zoë Sugg and and she is one of my favourite YouTubers. Zoë has a beauty range and also a lifestyle range which are available at Superdrug , Feel Unique and Boots.

Let’s get started…

Firstly, the bath and body items. Screen Shot zoella bath 2017-02-24 at 16.35.57.png

I have quite a lot of products for in the bath or shower but I will tell you a few of my faves. All of them smell amazing and the packaging is soo pretty which makes it hard to choose but I would have to say that the shower gel and body cream from the 2016 Christmas range are so nice, they smell just like Christmas and make your skin feel super soft. The bath and shower milk from the Sweet Inspirations range is also another one that I always use because you can use it on your skin the shower and it also makes the best bubble in th bath!! There are many more but don’t let me go on.

Now onto the bags and pouches.

poucheszoellaI find all the little pouches and bags so useful because they can be used for so many different things like makeup, a pencil case, to put loose bits in your bag in or for anything you want. I have the rucksack from her lifestyle range and it fits so much inside and also looks so sweet. I use it all the time for all sorts. Then I have the smaller ones like the ones shown in the picture. I use the larger bag from the Sweet Inspirations range for makeup and then the others for little bits and bobs, but you can use them in any way (there are no rules!!!).


Finally, all the rest…..

I have two perfumes by Zoella and although they are not the most expensive perfumes ever, trust me they smell so good. The sweet inspirations one is a very sweets scent and the Let’s Spritz one is more fresh, it just depends on what you like. I have a few candles and diffusers from the Zoella Lifestyle range which are all incredible scents to have whofting through your house (I definately recommend these). I have the set of pots which can be used as makeup brush pots, pen/pencil pots, plant pots or anything really, they are sooo cute. Finally, teh pillow which says ‘Naps fix everything’ on it which is very true plus it is sooooooo comfy!!!

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Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and you can leave a comment down below of your favourite Zoella products!!

Sanarama xx