Trip to Hungary!

Hi Guys! I hope you are all well. This is finally my Trip to Hungary post, sorry it took so long!…

Firstly, the reason I went to Hungary was because I was doing a tour with the Essex Youth Symphonic Wind Orchestra. We had concerts all around Lake Balaton and Budapest and it was so much fun. The flight there was good and filled with lots of food and fun! When we arrived in Hungary, we picked up our hire car and headed to our first hotel.. 

Our first part of the tour was near Lake Balaton so we stayed in a nearby hotel and enjoyed a couple of days of relaxing before our first concert. The hotel had it’s own private beach so we decided to have a day in the lake. I wasn’t too sure about the whole lake swimming thing as it was before I did any training for the triathlon (which I will be posting about soon) but it was fine.  

Anyway, our first concert was outside and it was lovely but very windy so we spent the concert trying to peg our music on to the page and stop it from blowing away!!

The next day we headed for Budapest because the rest of our concerts were near there! After settling in we headed to our concert venue. This one was inside so we didn’t have to worry about the whole wind issue. The concert went really well and I enjoyed it a lot! It was a late night so  we got back to the hotel and went straight to bed. 

We had the next day off so we decided to explore the city. We found a massive shopping centre (my heaven) but unfortunately I couldn’t go shopping because we had no room left in the suitcases šŸ˜¦ We then found a hummus bar which was delicious and with our yummy wraps we headed to parliament. There were some beautiful views of the River Danube and the buildings were amazing.

 After a while we decided to go cross the river and go up the train thing that takes you up a hill (I’ve got no idea what they are called, sorry). When we got to the top there was so much to see. The view over the water and parliament was astonishing! There were a few art galleries up there but they were closed as it was late so we couldn’t go in but there were plenty of other things to do up there. There was some beautiful buildings and places where you could look out to the water and city (I’ll just let the pictures explain as I obviously can’t!)  

The whole day was amazing and I saw so many new and amazing things. 
The next day we had a concert in Vac. The cathedral we played in was so beautiful and the acoustic was amazing, it was our final concert of the tour and I think my favourite one!! 

Although the concerts were over we still had a couple of days. On our last full day we went to the city park for a walk and then to a city square! There was an art gallery where had a look at all the cool modern art. We then took the train to a vegan restaurant that we had heard about called Kosmoz and the food was delicious!!!! After that we headed home..

On our final day we went to visit the basilica in Budapest, it was beautiful. After that I was craving an icecream so we  went to a gelateria where they make it in the shape of a rose (AWESOME!!). On the way we found a souvenir shop and picked up a few things as a memory of Hungary and then headed for lunch. Pizza and pasta was our decision and clearly a good one, it was so yummy (Mmmm)! 

Eventually we had to make a move to the airport, so we did our last few bits and headed for the airport. I was so sad to be leaving Hungary but looking forward to getting back home. 

Our flight back was worse than the flight there and my ears were hurting soo much! Anyway, we arrived back safely and went straight to bed. My trip to Hungary was so fun and I made so many great memories. šŸ™‚ (btw, sorry for using the same words throughout the whole post..)

Thanks for reading guys, my triathlon post should be coming in a couple of days.

Sanarama xx


Friends Fest!

Hi Guys! I hope you are all having a great week. This isn’t my trip to Hungary post yet but I thought as I went to Friends Fest yesterday I would share it with you!!

If you are a mega fan of the TV show Friends (like me) then this is something you will definitely want to read and if not then there’s not much point.

Friends fest is a festival all about Friends (hence the name)! The set of Friends tours around England and you have the chance to go and take pics with the set plus much more. I went to the one at Chiswick House but there a few other places that is goes as well and if I right in saying it happens every year. This time the tickets sold out really quickly so we managed to grab ours when they sold a second lot due to popular demand. I think there are still a few tickets left for sale, but if you don’t catch it this year then I’m sure you can go next year! Anyway, enough of that, let me tell you all about the day…

When we arrived we had a booked slot to go and see Monica and Rachel’s apartment so we got in the queue and headed in. At first you take a pic with umbrella on a sofa that looks like the title page and then we went into the apartment. It was amazing and so IMG_2110fun and all looked so realistic and it actually feels like you are on Friends.



Next was Joey and Chandler’s apartment again so cool. I’m not going to say too much because I really think you should go but I will show you a few pictures.

After doing that we headed over to Central PerkĀ where my brother and I got up and sung ‘Smelly Cat’ just like Phoebe!



Next we went to the Silent Disco where we learnt the dance routine that Monica and Ross did on TV for New Year’s Eve!


After that we went to Monica’s Moondance Dince to have lunch and the went to the stage where they were playing Ross’ Bamboozled and the Geller Cup and it was hilarious. All in all, the day was amazing and I recommend Friends Fest to everyone soĀ go checkĀ it out! IMG_2137.PNG

Also I thought I’d let you know that I am doing my first triathlon on Sunday so I will be postingĀ about that shortly!!

Thanks for reading, see you soon! šŸ™‚

Sanarama xx