I’m Back!

Hi Guys!! I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in ages. I was on holiday in Hungary and since I got back I just haven’t found the time to post and I just wanted to let you know that I’m back and am still posting.

This will only be a short one and I will do a post all about my holiday soon. 

Anyway, I hope you are all having a great weekend and I should hopefully be posting soon!

Sanarama xx


Finding Dory Review

Hi Guys! I hope your enjoying the weekend. A couple of days ago I went to watch Finding Dory so I decided to do a review on it. I’m not a professional on these kinds of things but I’ll give it a go…

‘Finding Dory’ is the sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’, so if you enjoyed that, then you’ll enjoy this. Dory is a fish who suffers from short term memory loss so she forgets everything that has just happened and is a bit of a scatter brain. She lost her family when she was little but doesn’t remember until she is older, so when she suddenly remembers she is determined to find her family but considering she has forgotten everything, it is very hard. She persuades Marlin and Nemo to help her and they set off. Dory gets lost along the way so the story is about trying to find Dory and then her family with the help of a few friends along the way. Anyway I don’t want to give too much away as you have to go and see it for yourselves and if you think is it some cheesy movie about fish, you’re wrong as you would know if you have watched ‘Finding Nemo’.

I really enjoyed the movie and I think anyone of any age would. There is entertainment and comedy for adults, little kids and anyone inbetween! I would give ‘Finding Dory’ 5 stars and you should really go check it out. If you want to watch the trailer then Click here. If you do go and watch it then I really hope you enjoy it!!

Sanarama xx

Work Hard, Play Hard!!

Hi Guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I haven’t been up to many exciting things recently so I haven’t really had anything to blog about. Anyway, I hope you are all having a great week and enjoying the summer.

I’m currently on my summer holiday from school which I am really enjoying and anyone else who is having a break from work or school, I hope you’re enjoying it too. I lead a busy life and do loads of things so I am all for doing lots and being busy but you sometimes get to a point where you just need to stop for a while and relax and that’s exactly what holidays a for. I think that everyone deserves a relaxing holiday every once in a while because although it’s great to be busy you also need your rest.

This holiday I have been doing a lot of relaxing as well as keeping up with work and music practice so a bit of both it good because if you just do nothing for a solid two months then things can get a little boring. I am doing a couple of music courses this summer which are always really fun so you are doing something productive whilst having a great time and there are so many things out there like that, that you can do during the summer.

I love summer as you can do so many things like seeing your family and friends, having barbecues, doing water fights in the garden, playing in the paddling pool and making loads of great memories. One of my favourite things to do is shopping which I have done quite a lot of this summer. Anyway, enough of my rambling on; all I am trying to say is that there is a time for being busy and a time for relaxing so this summer try and take one time to rest, relax and do something you love! (Have a work hard, play hard attitude)!

Sanarama xx